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  is a dynamic engineering company specializing in the design  and implementation of energy-saving technologies for enterprises of various industry fields.

So far, our company can offer a range of equipment, technologies and solutions in the area of energy savings and industrial automation that can be applied at the majority of industrial enterprises.

AVIGAN LLC  is an official engineering partner of such worldwide leaders as follows:    


AVIGAN LLC was founded in 2007


•       More than 200 projects have been implemented in different fields of industry and manufacturing;     

•       Food industry:     

Oil refineries, Milk processing plants, Fodder factories, Cheese Processing Plants, Soybean Oil Refinery Plants, Grain elevators, Winery plants etc.,

•       Recycling

•       Pharmaceuticals industry

•       Water supply and sewerage     

•       Process fluids and liquid foodstuff purification systems

•       Integrated supply of equipment and processing lines     Комплексные поставки оборудования, технологических линий


     Electrical and control software design: robotized storages, extrusion lines, twisting machines, wire drawing, paper mills, sunflower seeds and soybean processing with husk and meal pelletizing, etc.


    Company’s MES system utilizing both standard clients and Intranet Web interface.

Development of web resources, including online store, CRM-systems, CMM-systems, mobile versions of Internet resources and mobile applications MES - manufacturing execution system CRM - customer relationship management CMM - capability maturity model, model of technological maturity of the organization.

Technoolgies. Solutions. Equipments.

Energy-saving technologies and industrial automation as well as ecological solutions and environmental protection measures can be applied at the majority of industrial enterprises.

-  Development of modern automated control system (ACS); control systems for metering and measurement of  products and raw materials in the process of production and storage


Replacement of obsolete and energy-intensiveelectrical equipment, control and measuring devices, industrial controllers (instrumentation and controls) for modern energy-saving equipment from leading European manufacturers.


Implementation of technologies and solutions for various wastewater treatment facilities including;

Wastewater biological treatment, 

Post-purification of sewage water,

Wastewater sludges treatment


                                 Integrated supply of industrial and manufacturing equipment


Development and modernization of electricity supply system

Assembling and installation of electric power equipment:


RSD -  Reserve switching devices

MDB -  Main Distribution Boards

DS -  Distribution switchboards

CB -  Control boards

LID -  Lead-in distributors

FRD -  Frequency regulating and control devices

PD - Power distribution cabinets

RPC - Reactive power compensation panel

VCP - Ventilation system control panel 


Industrial and manufaturing process automation


-  Implementation of energy-saving technologies

- Fiscal and In-house Metering Systems

- Automated control system for management and dispensing of raw materials and products of food production facilities

- Automation of Lift devices and Pick-and-place machines

- Remote touch system to control process parameters of electrical facilities as well as Water- and Heating-management systems

- Automated energy-saving systems for water withdrawal and water supply

- Automation and supervisory control of building utilities

- Electrical installation work


Short list of implemented projects:

· Automated accounting system for milk products at Zhytomyr butter factory Rud.

· Automated accounting system for milk products for TM Milk Doctor.

· Automation of compressor units 180 kW at Kulindorovo bread factory.

· Automated accounting system for storage and transporting of tropical oils at Chornomorsk oil refinery Ltd.

· Automated monitoring system of processing lines at pharmaceutical factory Interchim Ltd.

· Automated production accounting system at CJSC "Odessa Plant of Sparkling Wines CAMPARI"

· Automation of paper-making machine at folding carton plant Donetsk-Vtorma LLC.

· Reconstruction of electricity distribution units 0,4 kV and 10 kV as well as electrical installation work at Kievstar Ltd.

· Water pressure maintenance system within city's water supply system Izmail Vodokanal.

Ammonia refrigeration unit control system at Andrushevka Butter and Cheese factory

Industrial control system for husk granulation processing line of TM Korolevskiy Smak.

Development and implementation of a comprehensive automation system of oil discharge station Terminal Risoil – South.

Development and implementation of a comprehensive automation system of oil discharge station TM Korolivskiy Smak.


· Development and implementation of a comprehensive automation system at Soybean Oil Refinery Plant of TM Korolivskiy Smak.

Manufacturing, Assembling and Putting into operation the Oil purification system at Energoatom. 

Automated water supply control system at Kharkovkommunochistvod (HCOV), Dalnik village, Sergeevka village (Odessa region), health resorts etc.

Water supply and water pressure maintenance system in water distribution systems.

Assembling of electricity distribution units 0,4 kV and electrical installation work at Oil terminal Transbunker-South.

Reconstruction of electricity distribution units 0,4 kV at Odesa National Medical University

Automated water pressure maintenance system in water supply systems at Sewerage pump stations, suburban settlements, industrial enterprises.

The accounting system of the wastewater at RK Akvavit, Pologovskiy oil extraction factory, Sewerage pump stations etc.

Reconstruction of compressor units at Odessa Mineral water factory Kuyalnik;

Automation of the primary production division fermentation section of the Winery plant Koblevo PJSC.

Pump control system at Sewerage pump stations


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